joe godfrey
Joe Godfrey is a composer best known for his work in advertising. He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and studied at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory. After college he performed with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, arranged and conducted the first two seasons at the Kings Island theme park, and conducted touring companies of "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Godspell". In 1974, after recording the theme music for television's "Donahue" show, he moved to Chicago to create music for advertising. Joe began as an arranger and session musician for Lilidahl Productions, and produced his first commercial for United Airlines at age 24. Joe began his production company in 1977, teamed with Steve Ford from 1980-84, then left Chicago for California.
Joe is equally at ease with silicon- and carbon- based music. In 1985 Joe ordered the first polyphonic sampling Synclavier music system. He has played guitar and bass with Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Dizzy Gillespie, and Mel Torme. He has played guitar with an acoustic blues trio and bass with an electric blues trio. He has conducted the Atlanta Symphony recording his theme music for Turner Broadcasting's Peabody Award-winning "Portrait Of America" and conducted the London Symphony recording his compositions for the Yellow Pages at Virgin Studios.
His arranging work can be heard in Christopher Guest's 1996 film "Waiting For Guffman" and he appears on camera playing acoustic bass with Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara (Mitch and Mickey) in Guest's 2003 film "A Mighty Wind." Joe accompanied Mitch and Mickey as they performed the Oscar-nominated song "A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow" on February 29, 2004.
In June, 2008 Joe became Academic Director of the Web Design & Interactive Media department at the Art Institute of California - San Diego. In January, 2009 he also became Academic Director of the Audio Production program. Prior to that he taught a variety of audio and video classes there and at the University of California San Diego Digital Arts Center. He is Apple Pro Certified in Final Cut Pro.
Joe is a private pilot and ex-director of Angel Flight, a non-profit organization that uses private airplanes to fly indigent patients to specialized medical treatment. From 1998 to 2002 he wrote a monthy column of interviews with noted aviators. Joe is married and lives in Leucadia, California.