joe godfrey
A mighty wind
Joe became a fan of Christopher Guest about 2 bars into his Bob Dylan song in National Lampoon’s “Lemmings” show. So he’s very proud of his two credits in Chris’s films.
The first is an off-screen arranging credit in “Waiting for Guffman.” The second is as the on-screen bass player for Mitch & Mickey in “A Mighty Wind.” The song above was shot on the set but isn’t in the movie.
It was great fun making the movie. After the movie premiered, we took the show on the road to about a dozen cities, and we all thought we had had as much fun as we could have. Then the Mitch & Mickey song was nominated for an Academy Award, and playing the song on the show -- for 2.5 billion people in 165 countries -- was more precious than a pot of gold.
mitch & mickey